Lessons in diplomacy: Brexit Negotiations

Advanced Level - Lessons in diplomacy: Brexit Negotiations

This is the first time this committee has ever been run in the history of Model UN, and you, as participants, will find it extremely challenging and rewarding.

This special committee will be a table for diplomats from the UK and the EU to negotiate the UK’s exit from the Union. The diplomats in this committee will be performing the functions of real diplomats as closely as possible. In a regular committee, one can exercise a very large scope over one’s national policy even if one is only an ambassador of that country. The national policy in this special committee and national governments and heads of state will be simulated by the chairs, and you will have to learn as delegates to adapt and innovate within these new constraints as real diplomats do.

Diplomats must be able to communicate clearly and effectively, therefore we will be using a special set of RoP to allow for freer negotiating sessions, enabling longer unmoderated caucuses and ensuring that standard procedure is cut down to the minimum. It will be a long weekend and we wish to give you the most opportunity we can to do what you signed up to do - negotiate the UK’s exit from the European Union.

Even the most prominent diplomat or politician has a tireless, invisible team behind them working to ensure that everything they do is accurate and precise. Simulating this committee in two equal teams, the UK and the EU, instead of individual countries, encourages creative, team-based solutions and takes pressure off individuals when they need it. The lack of individual remits and shared position paper research means that each of you will be able to contribute something unique to the committee in addition to having the flexibility to work on something else when required.

So do not hesitate to take part in this challenge along with the experienced chairs who will ensure an unforgettable experience!

This is a committee with obligatory position papers and you will be given feedback twice before the conference in order to provide learning opportunities for the delegates as well as give them enough resources to participate fully in the committee and enjoy themselves. The chairs reserve the right to disqualify delegates who do not submit position papers from awards and committee allocations may be swapped as high demand for this committee is anticipated.

Xuan Chen


Xuan works at a global investment bank and has a master’s degree in physics from Imperial College London. He is interested in continuously improving MUN by encouraging fellow chairs and organisers to innovate and improve the experience for both chairs and delegates and for the next generation of MUN to continue building upon those values. The structure of the Brexit committee is an intergalactic first for MUN and will focus on more accurately reflecting the real pressures that diplomats face on a day to day basis, as well as emphasising a team-based approach to negotiations.

Yuri Ryu


Yuri is a second year graduate student in arbitration and international business law in Paris and understands the complexities of the EU extremely thoroughly. She speaks five languages fluently and has grown up in several different part of the world, able and willing to bring her extensive experience to co-chair this committee. Amongst her various personal achievements is successfully growing MUNICE, the Model UN of Nice, continuously for four years through a combination of perseverance and diligence. Currently she is working at one of the magic circle law firms.

Luke Vongolé Chan


Luke is a student at the University of Edinburgh who is finishing his MA in International Relations, and has plans to study law as well as crop his friends out of his pictures upon the completion of his current degree. Not only has Luke lived 5 different locations, but his work experience also spans 5 different industries, as a result allowing him to bring knowledge from a variety of sectors to this Committee. In his spare time, Luke enjoys cooking, travelling, busking and is definitely the nicest of all three chairs.

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