Beginner Level - DISEC

The Disarmament and Security Committee (DISEC) is the First Committee of the General Assembly which is concerned with matters relating to global security. As its name suggests, DISEC has one of the broadest mandates of any of the General Assembly’s six committees. DISEC is a great beginners level committee and the perfect opportunity to introduce first time MUNers to debating.

Topic A: Use of SALWs in Conflict Zones
Topic B: Nuclear proliferation in the Korean Peninsula
Topic C: Issue of Foreign Military intervention in internal conflict

Marta Rusakiewicz


Marta, originally from Poland, moved to the Netherlands last year to start her bachelor in law. There she ended up as a member of UNSA Maastricht Permanent Delegation, however her MUN career started around 4 years before that. After 7 conferences as a delegate she decided to finally move to the chairing position and will make her debut at SGMUN.
Aside from MUNs and politics, Marta is crazy about animals and is almost always late because there is a dog/cat/anything on her way. She's a calm person in general, but in case of unexpected anger, just pacify her with sloth pictures.
She spends half of her spare time at the gym, so the rest can be devoted to eating.

Trinethra Veeraraghavan


"There are 10 facts you need to know about me- I like food and I use binary code."

Trinethra is a part time law-student and full-time meme-loving, self-deprecating absurdist who likes to believe she has a discernible sense of humour. She’s passionate about almost anything pop-culture, almost anything food and almost any academic subject. Having done MUNs since 2012, she’s chaired and been a delegate at various conferences and a plethora of committees, ‘reigning’ as Secretary General in one of them, she aims to work at the International Court of Justice if her finals go well. Her distinctive features include being indifferent, unperturbed and cold. However when even mildly provoked, she will send people scurrying away looking for aloe or ice, because the burns are savage, scalding and painful.  Although an aggressive delegate, she is one of the most understanding chairs you will ever meet, so regardless of the number of MUNs you’ve been to you’re bound to have a great time in committee.

Vaneska Mollard


Vaneska is a Student at the University of St. Gallen, with 3 nationalities (Swiss, German and Brazilian) who is doing a bachelor in International Affairs and wants get into the field of diplomacy to one day, eventually, work for the UN. She loves spending time binge watching Netflix series and is a huge fan of Football and above all has a passion for Literature. Having just started her MUN experience last year, she still is starstruck by this world of engaging, discussing, shouting, negotiating, being frustrated and hijacking other people's resolutions. She starred as the delegate of Russia in HRC at the 2017 GIMUN and loved representing the great Motherland. Now being a Chair for the first time, and discovering her love for rules of procedure during debates, she hopes to have excited and curious delegates who will not be afraid of provoking and really get into discussions with each other.

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