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Crisis operates under a completely different format from regular Model UN committees, with delegates representing individuals organised into cabinets instead of states and simulating a fictional or historical event in real time. Crisis chairs will  be chair-delegates, who act as Heads of Cabinets. The chair of will represent the leaders of their cabinets, whilst a delegate will play the role of a member of government and other important persons..
The intensity and fluidity of Crisis make it one of the most challenging committees for both chairs and delegates.

The topic of this years crisis is the War of the Pacific fought from 1879 to 1883 between Chile, Bolivia and Peru. The crisis will start before the beginning of the conflict and give the delegates opportunity to rewrite history.

Maria Slobodina

Crisis Director

Maria is a second year Neuroscience student at University College London. Originally from Russia, Maria moved to the UK aged 12 and started Model UN two years afterwards. After doing plenty of GA committees during High School, Maria permanently branched out into Crisis in October last year and is very happy to spend her 10th Crisis as first time Director at SG MUN 2017. She is particularly excited about simulating the War of the Pacific - a conflict that still manages to affect South American politics over 130 years after its end. Outside of MUN, Maria likes dabbling in graphic design of logos and promo material for Deus Crisis Platform and arguing (unsuccessfully) that that is, in fact, a hobby outside of MUN. She looks forward to sharing the cheese fondue that the USG Chairing promised her with everyone at the conference.

Daniel Page

Chair - Aníbal Pinto Garmendia (Chile)

Hi, my name is Daniel. I am a 3rd year Liberal Arts student, majoring in Geography. London born and bred, I decided that the only logical place I could go for university was somewhere even more central than where I grew up, which I managed to do somehow, getting into KCL. Finding MUN at university, I was very quickly hooked and have now attended more conferences than I care to count as Delegate, Staff and Chair.

Geromine Flohimont

Chair - Mariano Ignacio Prado Ochoa (Peru)

Geromine Flohimont, is a student in the Sorbonne School of Law and is currently doing a Masters of International Law. MUN's have been a part of her life since she was only 12 and most recently Crisis has been one of her favourite MUN comittees. In the past year she has been award winning delegate, fluid backroom, chair at LIMUN and Crisis Director at CUIMUN. Geromine also grew up in Kenya and enjoys equally wine and beer, cheese and fries as a result of her very mixed origins, because apparently Belgium and France are two different countries!

Sabrina Brooker

Chair - Hilarión Daza Groselle (Bolivia)

Sabrina is currently in her final bachelor year of European Law at Maastricht University. Although originally half British half Thai, she spent a good portion of her life in the ‘Cockpit of Europe’ more commonly known as Belgium.  She began her MUN career in 2014 and was last years Head of Delegations for UNSA Maastricht. In her spare time (which she doesn’t have much of, as a Law student) Sabrina can be found drinking Belgian beer and moaning about how she has no spare time. She looks forward to trying the Secretary-general homemade ramen as well as seeing how the crisis evolves /deteriorates.

Hamzah Sheikh

Crisis Backroom

Hamzah is a graduate in International Relations with Political Science from the University of Birmingham and is currently in the void that is part-time work, political campaigning and volunteering. He has previously worked for British Muslim TV, the National Citizen Service and an Indian restaurant. He has attended 22 conferences and directed 5 crisis committees, looking forward to directing crises at CUIMUN 2017 and LIMUN 2018. He also likes canals, cats and tea, his dream being to own a canal boat, several cats and the East India Company.

Lewin Konemann

Crisis Backroom

Wine, music, just the right amount of people, and, naturally, academia – looking for what he considers fun, Lewin moved to Zurich in 2014. After engaging the local MUN society head on, or, let’s be honest, at the second session, he was dispatched to Korea and started on the board as IT Rep and now President of ETH MUN. Although it may not always be apparent, he prefers being intensely involved in everything he does, including his path towards a deeper understanding of physics. This is of course only until a sufficient supply of time and money is established, at which point there is no holding him and he will be en route towards some preferably cold country with no idea of what to expect or even what specifically there is to do. He has recently been Director of the first ZuMUN JCC and is now looking forward to being a biblical plague to all those stepping foot into SGMUN.

Yuval Geva

Crisis Backroom

My name is Yuval Geva, I'm 24 years old and I'm starting my last year of my B.A. in Political Science and Philosophy at Tel Aviv University. I joined TAUMUN two years ago and fell in love with MUN and meeting great munners from all over the world. Since then, I've participated in national and international conferences both as a delegate, chair, backroom staff and secretariat and I am now the chairwoman of our society in Tel Aviv.

In my non-mun life (apparently people have one of those), I enjoy learning new languages, watching movies and testing my limits with all-you-can-eat sushi.

Elis ben Arie

Crisis Backroom

Hey, my name is Elis, I'm 26 years old, and I just finished my BA in behavioral sciences at Ariel university. I discovered the MUN world two years ago, and it was love at first sight. I discovered a whole new world and a lot of new friends from all over. During the last year I was the president of ArMUN, and also the director general of HolyLandMUN 2017. I participated in national and international conferences as a delegate, as a chair, as part of the crisis staff and, as mentioned, as the director general.
In between all of that, I like to go to the gym, to swim and to go out and eat with friends  (mainly chocolate).
I'm really looking forward to taste some swiss chocolate with everyone.

Sebastian Mouret

Crisis Backroom

After six years of studying IR, Sébastien is currently preparing for France’s diplomatic concours.

He first came to the world of MUNs through the organisation side of things: he co-founded RIMUN in 2011 at Sciences Po’s newest campus of Reims, and went on to be Treasurer for RIMUN’s second edition. Since then, Sébastien has participated, both as a delegate and a chair, in PIMUN, LIMUN and, of course, RIMUN. Last June he got his first taste of crisis at PIMUN and immediately wanted more. He is looking forward to a fantastic time by the lakeshore.

Andjelko Topic

Crisis Backroom

Andjelko, born and raised in a small Austrian village, was always interested in global politics and geopolitical crisis and had great ambitious plans. He worked for Austrian ministers and was an Intern in the European Parliament in Brussel. The 21-year-old is currently studying economics at the University of St. Gallen and working as a Consultant. His glorious MUN career began in the fall 2015 when he fell in love with his MUN club. Since becoming a full blodded MUNer he participated in over 5 conferences in two continents . In his free time, of which he has basically none, he likes to read, calm down and party hard. He looks forward to seeing how this crisis will get out of control and having a great time with you guys in our lovely Swiss city.

Ali Zain

Crisis Backroom

Ali is a final year student of International Studies at Sabanci University in Istanbul, Turkey. Originally from Pakistan, Ali has been involved with Model UN since 2010 and with crisis since 2015. He is also the co-founder of Delegates Corner, a Model UN and public speaking initiative based in Istanbul that helps schools start and run their MUN programmes and staffs conferences around the region. He’s been a regular feature in the backrooms at HAMMUN crisis since 2015, and is looking forward to his first conference in Switzerland.

Perth Ophaswongse

Crisis Backroom

Perth is a second year International Relations student at the University of Edinburgh. Originally from Thailand, he has been doing MUN since 2012. After coming to university, he has mostly switched over to participating in Crisis committees, either as a delegate or member of staff starting at SaintMUN 2016. Since then, he has been part of 12 Crisis simulations, with SGMUN being set to be his 16th Crisis so far. In addition to this, he is a former and current member of the Secretariat for Edinburgh University’s conference, ScotMUN.

Rick Romanelli

Crisis Backroom

Rick is a BA student at LUISS University in Rome, Italy, majoring in Politics, Philosophy and Economics. Before college, he lived in between Florence and the United States. He slaved away in finance, creative consulting, and other boring stuff, and was recently in the backroom of the historical crisis at PIMUN and HolyLand, where he ate all the hummus. Before SGMUN, he will be chairing at AUMUN in Madrid and OxiMUN (in, you guessed it, Oxford) and join the backroom of CUIMUN's fictional crisis. He is a master of accents, lover of food/travel, and an SNL cast member wannabe. In his spare time (if such things exist) you can catch him fighting heart disease with puns and chocolate, studying healthcare systems for his dissertation, and chilling on his terrace looking over the colosseum, practicing future crisis roles.

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