The Secretariat

The Team Behind St. Gallen MUN Conference 2017

Jakub Vokaty

Secretary General

Hi this is a secretariat bio. First I will tell you this person's name: Jakub. Then I will describe - in detail - their previous MUN experience. Oh look, a funny anecdote. Hahaha! Next I will tell you my position - SG, best G, then some fun fact! Oh look; something I do outside of MUN. And we are done, because I'm busy organising the best MUN for you. Come to our conference!

Nadine Merz

Deputy SG & President of the Society

Nadine Merz is an International Affairs student at the University of St. Gallen, whose Slovakian mother and Swiss father decided to meet halfway and raise their child in Vienna. After graduation in 2016 she moved to Switzerland, became a passionate MUNer and is now the president of the St. Gallen Model United Nations society. As such, you will see her running around the place in November on a mission to ensure that everyone makes the most of their experience at the SGMUN conference.

Philipp Gehrig

USG of Delegates

Philipp Alex Gehrig is a student at the University of St. Gallen since Fall 2016 majoring in International Affairs. He lived in Singapore for eleven years, attending high school there. University and high school level combined, he attended sixteen MUNs, with the outstanding experience of giving an opening speech in the St. Petersburg Mariinsky Palace.

He enjoys sports as a national padel player and is politically active in his home town of Kloten. He looks forward to meeting you all at the inaugural conference in St. Gallen and hopes to make your experience memorable one.

Andrew Weeks

USG of Chairs

Andrew John Weeks is a somewhat creative and generally kind-hearted person who has a passion for people. He developed a Crisis Platform named Deus. Most of his time is spent shamefully advertising this platform. SGMUN will be Andrew’s [insert high number]th conference, and first university level conference in Switzerland.

As USG of Chairing Andrew will be ensuring that only the best chairs are chosen and represented. He looks forward to getting to know you and apologize for the trouble and heartbreak he may cause. Andrew also likes to help at his church’s youth group and pretend to be helpful.

Alina Podkolodnaya

USG of Marketing

Alina Podkolodnaya is currently pursuing a Bachelor degree in Economics at the University of St. Gallen. Previously being a Board Member of the St. Gallen Model United Nations society, gave her the experience necessary to organize the first SGMUN Conference.

She is inspired and thrives from challenges, since these help expand her knowledge and lead to self-fulfillment. One of her passions is taking pictures and you will see her stalking you with a camera in November!

Max Debatin

USG of Fundraising

Maximilian Debatin is a second semester student at the University of St. Gallen. He is interested in international business and aspires to work in the maritime and logistics industry. Following his year abroad in the Unites States, he graduated high school with the Abitur and International Baccalaureate in 2015. In his free time he enjoys sailing and tries (tries being the operative word) to catch fish.

Elias Lingnau

USG of Fundraising

Elias Lingnau is German/Swiss, who came to study International Affairs to St. Gallen after mostly living in Germany with short stints to the USA. Used to be very passionate for sports, in particular rowing, which has turned into a fierce affection for anything beer related. Also interested in politics, especially the one trying to make America great again.

Jan Fergg

USG of Logistics and Speakers

After finishing his apprenticeship in mechanical engineering and working in different sections of the design and engineering department of Schlatter Industries AG and later Brichmeier Sprühtechnik AG, Jan decided to head towards new challenges. In 2015 he began his studies at the University of St. Gallen majoring in International Affairs. However, because he is a practical person Jan soon began to search for ways to engage in besides University and is now the USG of Logistics for the the St. Gallen Model United Nations Conference.

Maximilian Westerwelle

Head of Socials

Maximilian Westerwelle went to school in Hamburg – Germany. Before his A-levels he spent a year abroad in England – North Yorkshire, because their accent is the best, and then graduated high school in Hamburg and received his German Abitur as well as the International Baccalaureate. Right after, he started the English Assessment at the University of St. Gallen in summer 2016 where he joined the SGMUN club and became the Head of Social Events towards the end of the 2nd semester. His job during the conference will be to organise the events which will be fit for the delegates to relax and fade away after a hard day of debates.
Finally, in his free time, he enjoys swimming, going to the gym as well as programming.

Felix Popis

Head of Finance

Felix is from Berlin and is glad to be responsible for the finances of SGMUN. He is as excited as one can be about finance to contribute to our incredible conference together with the rest of the team. His high standards are reflected in professional budgets.
Felix has been a member of SGMUN for a year and is looking forward to another one. In his free time he likes to rewatch Desperate Housewives!

If you also love Desperate Housewives, join us at SGMUN where you can meet Felix.

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