Intermediate Level - UNFCCC

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is an international environmental treaty, in order to stabilize greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere at a level that would prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system. As of 2015 the treaty has 197 parties involved, including all UN members. However there are differences between the parties, which are organised in several Annex defining different responsibilities. 

Topic A: Shifting research efforts from prevention of climate change to dealing with consequences of such.
Topic B: Establishing a global emission trading scheme.
Topic C: Promoting the use of green technology for the private sector

Sara Schjødt Kjær


Despite hailing from the cold, cold country of Denmark, Sara is very passionate about the prevention of global warming and is therefore, very excited to be chairing the UNFCCC at SGMUN. Sara has participated in MUN for 3 years as a delegate, chair and, most recently, as Deputy Secretary General for YorkMUN. In her spare time, Sara enjoys her degree in Physics and Philosophy and she hopes to one day find a way to combine this with her interest in global affairs and world politics. For now, however, she is keen to experience all that Switzerland has to offer and hopes to see you all at SGMUN!

Henry Winckle


Henry is a third year European Social and Political Studies student at University College London, although at the time of the conference he will be on his Erasmus year to the University of Freiburg.

Like many others, he has been bitten by the MUN bug, first whetting his teeth on GA committees before moving on the wonders of crisis, where he has been everything from delegate to director. Taking a break from the aforementioned chaos, co-chairing UNFCC at SGMUN will be his 21st conference. He is Australian, Italian, and Swedish (in no particular order), and is looking forward to an enjoyable trip to St. Gallen!

In his free time, you’ll usually find him politicking for some cause somewhere, cooking while debating everything and anything in the kitchen with friends or conquering the world and/or universe in the latest Grand Strategy game on the PC.

Andre Ruckdäschel


André born in Germany, but Canadian in his heart is currently studying International Affairs in Switzerland (and loving it there). He is very interested in the global economy and politics (duh) which was not only the reason for pursuing a degree in international affairs but also the reason for Joining the St. Gallen Model United Nations Club.

During the last year the “cold” business school in St. Gallen has actually managed to spark his interest in climate change through scientific projects. André has analyzed past attempts of mitigating global warming and tried to evaluate the possibility of a global Emission Trading System. He therefore is especially excited to chair the UNFCCC.

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