Beginner Level - WHO

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations. Its primary role is to coordinate cooperation of member states regarding international health issue.  The WHO is an interesting committee for beginners who already know their way around the General Assembly, but would still like to experience other parts of the UN framework.

Topic A: Drug use as a public health issue
Topic B: Euthanasia
Topic C: Abortion rights as a sexual health issue

Jessica Reed


Jessica, one of those international school kids who can't really answer the where are you from part of the bio succinctly, is about to start a Masters at Sciences Po Paris. She has been taking part in MUN since the age of 15. Outside of the MUN bubble,  Jessica is extremely passionate about mental health and suicide prevention, and hopes to bring some of this to the committee.

Sabina Şancu


Sabina hails from Transylvania and is fully aware of all the misconceptions and pop culture stereotypes this entails. Currently in her second year of European Studies at Maastricht University in the Netherlands, she is slowly but surely checking off European countries from her travel list, and has picked Switzerland, with the occasion of SGMUN, as her next victim. After a few years of being a member of the European Youth Parliament, Sabina decided last year to branch out into MUNs and was part of UNSA Maastricht’s Permanent Delegation (and will keep reliving those glory days for a while).

Wessel Mol


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